Your Orthodontic Appointments

First Appointment:  A complimentary consultation. During this visit, Dr. Xia will do a clinical exam, review your X-rays, and produce a preliminary treatment plan which will detail the following:  What type of appliances will be recommended? Will teeth extraction be necessary? How long will the treatment take? How much will it cost?

The record process will then begin. Common diagnostic records include the following:

  • Panoramic X-ray:  A full view of the upper and lower jaw is taken to view the teeth, roots, nerves/jaw structures, joints, and locate missing or misplaced teeth.
  • Cephalometric X-rays:  A full side view of the face used to determine the growth direction of the face, to measure the angulations of the teeth, and to see how the upper and lower jaws relate to the face.
  • Impressions:  Used to construct plaster models. For before and after analysis. These are also used to make measurements.
  • Photos:  Taken inside the mouth from various angles will also include clinically oriented facial photos for before and after analysis.

Second Appointment:  Final consultation to address your special concerns. Or, if you are comfortable with the diagnosis/treatment plan and sign the contract, you may elect to begin treatment at this time.

Third Appointment:  This will be your longest appointment since we will put the braces on your teeth. On average, this appointment will last 1 to 2 hours.

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